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What’s better: curtains or blinds? [ Infographic ]

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8th February 2023

What’s better: curtains or blinds? [ Infographic ]

At Boyd’s Blinds, one of the most common questions we get asked is “What’s better: curtains or blinds?” With pros and cons to each of these popular types of window covering, it’s no surprise that many people are confused about which to opt for. In this article, we’ve pitted curtains against blinds to find out which comes out on top. 

Whats better curtains or blinds?

Curtains vs. blinds

Curtains and blinds are by far the two most popular choices of window coverings in the UK. Whilst blinds tend to be more in demand right now, curtains do come with some big advantages. Keep reading to find out what exactly these window treatments are and what are the pros and cons of both. 

What are curtains?

Curtains are essentially fabric panels which are used to cover windows. They are generally cut so that they’re either level with a window or drop a few centimetres below it. Although drapes are fabric panels too, they are normally thicker and cut to floor length. They’re a completely different type of window covering to curtains. The main purpose of curtains is to block or obscure light, although they may also be hung in order to prevent draughts and improve privacy.

Pros of choosing curtains Remote

Available in various colours and designs

Available in several fabrics, ranging from cotton and linen to sumptuous velvet 

Provide a high level of insulation, helping keep rooms warm

Enhance your privacy, making them a good choice for bedrooms

Available in a number of different thickness options

Ideal for traditional homes

Cons of choosing curtains

Difficult to control light in a room

Can be hard to clean, sometimes requiring dry cleaning

Can quickly become outdated

Take up space, making a room feel smaller

Often more expensive

What are blinds?

Blinds are a type of window covering which, in many cases, you can adjust to allow light into a room or block it entirely. Blinds come in a whole host of styles, ranging from those with long horizontal or vertical slats such as vertical and Venetian to those that use a single piece of material, like roller and Roman. There are new styles of blinds hitting the market all the time, with many integrating technology to make their operation easier than ever. 

Pros of choosing blinds

Provide a high level of light control

Affordable, with prices to suit all budgets

Many different colours, designs and fabrics are available

Usually easy to clean, often requiring a quick wipe down with a damp cloth

Better privacy

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Cons of choosing blinds

Less efficient at keeping the heat in a room than curtains

Need to be cleaned more often due to dust build-up

The takeaway 

The question of whether you should choose blinds or curtains in Nottingham is a tough one. Both of these popular window coverings come with many benefits. Whilst curtains are best for keeping rooms warm and providing a cosy, opulent feel, blinds are more appropriate if you want to be able to control the light entering a space. 

You’ll also need to consider which room you want to install window coverings in. Curtains are usually best for living rooms and bedrooms whilst blinds are ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. If price is a deciding factor when choosing between blinds and curtains, you may want to opt for the former. Blinds come with a huge range of price tags, with roller blinds usually the most cost-effective option. 

Combining blinds and curtains 

At Boyd’s Blinds, we’re increasingly noticing that people are opting for both blinds and curtains for their windows. The blinds allow them to control the light whilst the curtains are there to dress the window and give a warm, opulent feel to the space. Often, the curtains are closed only at night to provide insulation and block out the morning light. Combining blinds and curtains means you don’t have to choose between the two and can enjoy all the benefits that these window coverings offer. To discuss how you can hang both blinds and curtains in your home effectively, talk to our team. 

Shop for blinds and curtains in Nottingham

When our customers ask us what’s better, blinds or curtains, we always tell them it depends on their needs. Whilst blinds may be more popular right now, with new styles hitting on the market all the time, curtains do come with an array of benefits. As one of the leading suppliers of blinds and curtains in Nottingham and the surrounding area, we’re confident that we can supply you with the perfect window coverings for your home. 

One of the biggest benefits of choosing Boyd’s Blinds for your window treatments is that we provide a free measuring and fitting service. We will visit your property in order to carry out measurements of your windows, making sure your new blinds or curtains will fit perfectly. As a result, you can expect an exceptional finish that’s guaranteed to enhance any room in your home. When we visit you, we’ll also use this opportunity to show you samples of our blinds and curtains, talk you through your options and provide you with the expert advice that you need. Our prices are some of the most competitive on the market too, which means you’ll never pay over the odds for your window treatments. 

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Now you know what’s better, curtains or blinds, you may be looking to order your chosen window coverings. Call us on 01157 757 670 to discuss your requirements with one of our friendly team. Alternatively, complete the contact form on the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We are ready and waiting to come out to your home to carry out measurements for your new curtains in Nottingham.