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Why blinds are better than curtains [infographic]

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10th March 2021

Why blinds are better than curtains [infographic]

When considering window coverings for your home or office, you usually have two choices – blinds or curtains. So if you find yourself asking, why blinds are better than curtains we have the answer. Whilst both have their benefits, blinds are the best option in many cases. Not only do they bring an abundance of style to a room, but they’re also practical, easy to operate, and affordable. Here are the biggest reasons why blinds are better than curtains. 

Why are blinds better than curtains


Many styles, colours, and fabrics

Blinds are available in a huge range of styles to meet your needs and tastes. From vertical and roller blinds to Perfect Fit and modern motorised blinds, there are many to choose from. The choice of colours and patterns is almost endless too. So, whether you want a bold design for your room or a more classic look, you can achieve it easily with blinds. 

There are many different fabrics on offer, including cotton, Jacquard, chenille, satin, silk, PVC, and many more. PVC is a very practical fabric and is commonly used in roller blinds. This fabric is perfect for bathrooms, kitchens, and children’s rooms as it’s so easy to wipe clean. At Boyd’s Blinds, we offer custom solutions, allowing us to turn your vision for your new blinds into reality. 

Why blinds are better than curtains

Greater light control

Another great benefit of choosing blinds over curtains is the level of light control they can offer. Unlike curtains which are designed to block out light, blinds let you filter the light extremely efficiently. So, whether you want to flood a room with natural daylight, let in a small amount of light, or create complete darkness, you can when you choose blinds. 

Vertical and Venetian blinds are good choices for light control. By drawing them back, you can let in the maximum amount of light. However, you can balance the need for both light and privacy by angling the louvres accordingly. Day and night blinds are a good choice too and are becoming increasingly popular amongst homeowners in Newark and Nottingham.     

Insulative qualities

If you want to keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, blinds are a good choice. Whilst curtains are renowned for keeping the heat in, they’re not so effective at cooling rooms down when temperatures are high. Blinds can do both thanks to their fantastic insulative qualities. 

Twist vision blinds are ideal all year round, keep your home comfortable in both the summer and winter months. These blinds consist of two separate layers of fabric – one transparent and the other a blocked colour. They’re able to trap and retain heat between the layers, helping to keep a room warm or cool depending on the season. Twist vision blinds are available in blackout fabric which greatly reduces heat absorption, making a room cooler.  

Blinds can be fitted to a window exactly, offering great energy efficiency and without potentially cutting off heating sources such as covering over radiators. Perfect Fit blinds have a very precise fit, offering high levels of insulation. As well as keeping the heat in your home during winter, they also reduce solar gain during summer. 

Easy to operate

Roller blinds in Nottingham

Many people think that curtains are the better choice due to their simple operation. However, blinds have become incredibly easy to use over the years. At Boyd’s, we supply cordless blinds which couldn’t be easier to operate. Rather than pulling a cord to raise the blind through a pulley system, cordless blinds come with a SafeLock button installed on the bottom rail. When you hold this down, the tension in the strings within the blinds is then released, letting you push the blinds into the desired position. Cordless blinds follow the latest child safety legislation, making them ideal for children’s bedrooms. 

Blinds have become even easier to use thanks to motorised options. Motorised blinds allow you to control them using a remote control, which means you don’t even need to leave your armchair to open and close them. Electric blinds are ideal for those with mobility issues or for windows that are difficult to access.   


If you’re looking for window coverings that will stand the test of time, blinds are the best choice. Not only are they very durable and easy to maintain, but unlike curtains, they’re unlikely to become dated over the years. What started out as an incredibly stylish pair of curtains can start to become worn and tasteless as time passes. In comparison, blinds are well known for maintaining their appeal, particularly if you choose a classic style like Roman blinds. They’re timeless and will add elegance to your home for a long time to come. 

In terms of maintenance, blinds also have the upper hand. Whilst they do tend to collect dust, they simply require a quick vacuum to help them look their best again. With curtains, you’ll need to wash them, which can be much more arduous. If you’re looking for blinds for rooms that attract mess like kitchens or children’s bedrooms, we recommend choosing a wipe-clean fabric such as PVC. 

Lower cost 

Blinds or Curtains?

Blinds are generally cheaper than curtains, particularly if you’re looking for a made to measure solution. This makes them a popular choice for those on a budget. At Boyd’s, we’re proud to offer some of the most affordable window blinds in Nottingham and Newark, with our prices remaining highly competitive. If you want the best value for money blinds for your windows, get in touch. We’ll be happy to help you find a solution that meets your budget. 

Boyd’s Blinds has been specialising in custom-made blinds in Newark and Nottingham for many years, so why not get in touch to discuss your requirements? We offer blinds in a huge range of styles and designs, and we also provide a free measuring and fitting service. Call us on 01157 757 670 (Nottingham) or 01636 378 072 (Newark). Alternatively, you can email us here and one of our team will get back to you as soon as possible.