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Why are child safety blinds important?

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7th September 2023

Why are child safety blinds important?

Child safety blinds, which are also known as cordless blinds, are becoming increasingly sought after in the UK. At Boyd’s Blinds, we only supply blinds without accessible cords, making sure our products adhere to the latest child safety legislation and are completely child safe. If you’re wondering “Why are child safety blinds important?”, keep reading. In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at child safety blinds and why they’re an essential investment for families.

Reduce the risk of injuries to children What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters

Child safety blinds reduce the risk of injuries to children caused by cords commonly found on traditional window blinds. We stock a fantastic range of child safety blinds in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, catering to the needs of our customers with young children. 

Cords and chains on traditional window blinds can pose a real strangulation risk to your children. They can easily become entangled whilst playing, which can lead to serious injuries and even death in some cases. According to RoSPA (The Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents), at least 35 children in the UK have died as a result of cords on blinds since 2001. That’s one or two every year – and there’s likely to be many more near misses. Child safety blinds eliminate this risk by removing cords and chains that children can reach and accidentally become caught in. 

What makes looped cords on blinds so dangerous?

Blinds may look harmless enough, but cords can prove deadly if children get them caught around their necks. The cords can form loops that are large enough to fit around a child’s neck. Children may accidentally put their heads through these loops when playing, leading to entanglement. The cord can tighten very quickly, making it extremely difficult for the child to free themselves. 

This can be particularly challenging for infants and toddlers since they may lack the required motor skills and coordination to escape. They may not be able to react quickly enough, increasing the risk of injury and death. Research carried out by RoSPA shows that most accidental deaths involving blind cords occur in young children aged between 16 months and 36 months. The majority, which is more than half, occur at around 23 months old. You should now be starting to see exactly why are child safety blinds important. 

Blinds cords: a silent killer 

The danger of blind cords is intensified by the fact that they make minimal noise when they tighten. This means that a child can become caught in the cords without anyone noticing straight away, increasing the risk of injury or death. Young children can become strangled cords quickly and quietly even when carers are in close proximity. They may not realise the child is in danger until it is too late. When you factor in that most accidents involving blinds cords happen in bedrooms where children tend to spend a lot of time alone, it makes sense that carers aren’t able to get there in time. 

How do child safety blinds work?

Child safety blinds have features that reduce or eliminate the risk of accidents and injuries caused by cords. These blinds incorporate various mechanisms to prevent entanglement and strangulation, helping to keep children safe. Most child safety blinds are cordless and use wands instead of cords. These wands are twisted to adjust the blind’s position, eliminating the risk of looped cords. Cordless blinds can also come with a mechanism that allows you to raise and lower the blinds without the use of cords. This spring-loaded system requires you to push up on the bottom rail to raise the blinds, and then pull down on the bottom rail to lower them. 

For blinds that still use cords, cord tensioners can be included. These devices keep the cords taut and out of the reach of children. This prevents the formation of loops that children can become entangled in. Breakaway components are sometimes used in corded blinds. These components are designed to detach when placed under pressure, with the cord separating should a child become entangled. This can reduce the risk of injury.  

Blinds in BelperAdhere to UK safety legislation

In 2014, the UK government created a law to ensure that blinds are safe and minimise the risk of injury to children. The European Standard EN 13120 sets the safety standard for internal blinds and states that blinds must be made without accessible cords. Corded blinds need to have safety devices incorporated, such as tensioners, to help keep them out of the reach of children. 

In 2018, safety standards for blinds were tightened even further. The “Make It Safe” campaign led by the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) started to promote awareness of cord safety and encourage the use of either cordless blinds or blinds with built-in safety features.

Child safety blinds in Nottingham

Now you know why are child safety blinds important, you may be looking to buy them for your home. If so, look no further than Boyd’s Blinds. We’ve been supplying and fitting child safety blinds in Nottingham and the surrounding areas for many years, building a brilliant reputation for our quality products and high level of customer service. Our child safety blinds come in a wealth of different styles, ranging from simple roller blinds to Roman and Venetian styles. If you need further advice on buying child-safe blinds for your home, we’re on hand to provide it. 

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