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What to Consider When Buying Curtains

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10th January 2024

What to Consider When Buying Curtains

Curtains can play a fantastic role in transforming your home, adding an abundance of style, controlling light, and enhancing privacy. However, with such a wide range of options available to you in terms of style, size, fabric and colour, you’ll need to take your time to ensure you choose the right curtains for your space. Read on to find out what to consider when buying curtains. 

Purpose printed curtains

Rather than simply thinking of curtains as a covering for your window, consider what you want to achieve. Do you want to control the amount of light that enters your room? Or perhaps you want to increase privacy or simply improve the aesthetics of the space. Your answer will determine the ideal fabric weight, opacity and length for your curtains. Discuss your requirements with our team at Boyd’s Blinds and we’ll help you identify the perfect curtains for your home. 


When thinking about what to consider when buying curtains, fabric should be at the top of the list. The fabric you choose will significantly impact the overall look and feel of the room. Whilst lighter fabrics like cotton and linen will help to achieve a more casual, relaxed ambience, heavy fabrics such as silk or velvet can bring a sense of luxury to the space as well as allow for better light control. If you’re looking for curtains that are durable and easy to maintain, polyester can be a good choice. Curtains made from this fabric are machine-washable, making them relatively easy to keep in good shape.

Colour and pattern 

Choosing the right colour and pattern for your curtains can impact the room’s atmosphere and overall aesthetic. As well as choosing a design that suits your personal tastes, there are other factors to take into account. For example, you should ensure that they integrate well with the existing colour scheme and decor in the room. Consider the room’s overall style and ensure the colour and pattern of the curtains align with it. For traditional spaces, classic patterns like stripes might be a good option, whilst modern rooms may benefit from abstract patterns.

Size and proportion 

You’ll need to ensure you select curtains of the appropriate size and proportion for the room. This is because it can significantly influence the overall visual impact of the space. Curtains that are too short or narrow can make the window appear smaller and less spacious, whilst overly long or wide curtains can overwhelm the space. Getting the size and proportion right ensures that the curtains complement the room’s dimensions, enhancing its aesthetic appeal. 

Furthermore, the size of curtains determines how effective they are at controlling light and privacy. Floor-length curtains tend to offer better light control and privacy compared to shorter curtains, especially when they extend beyond the window frame. 


When buying curtains for your home, consider their maintenance needs. Some fabrics are far easier to maintain than others, requiring simple care such as regular machine washing or occasional vacuuming. For instance, polyester and cotton tend to withstand frequent washing without losing their colour or texture. In contrast, delicate fabrics like linen or silk often require more care, such as hand washing or dry cleaning in order to maintain their quality. Think about how much time and effort you want to dedicate to caring for your curtains to keep them looking their best.


Style and hanging options 

Curtains come in a number of different styles, ranging from eyelet and pencil pleat to tab top and voile. Each will impact the overall appearance and functionality of a room in distinct ways. For instance, eyelet curtains offer a sleeker, more modern look, whilst pencil pleat curtains are more traditional and have an elegant appearance. Tab top curtains have a casual, relaxed ambience, whereas voile curtains delicately filter light and add a soft, airy feel to the space. Consider each style carefully before deciding which curtains to choose for your home. 

Buy high-quality curtains in Nottingham

Now you know what to consider when buying curtains in Nottingham, you may be keen to place an order. At Boyd’s Blinds, we stock curtains in a wide range of styles, fabrics and colours, suitable for various preferences and interior designs. All our curtains are made to the highest possible standards, ensuring exceptional performance and durability. Whether you’re looking for curtains to enhance the appearance of your room, block out light, or enhance your privacy, we can assist. 

Made-to-measure curtains for your home 

At Boyd’s Blinds, all our curtains are made to measure. This means that each curtain will be customised to fit your specific window dimensions and design preferences perfectly. Our made-to-measure service ensures a precise fit for your curtains, whatever the size and shape of your windows. Not only will your new curtains fit your windows flawlessly but you’ll also be able to choose from a wide range of styles, fabrics and colours, ensuring they complement your interior decor wonderfully. 

We provide a free home visit to every customer, with one of our experienced team coming out to your property to carry out accurate measurements and provide you with expert advice on choosing the right curtains for your space. Made to an impeccable standard from quality materials, you can rest assured that curtains from Boyd’s will be a fantastic investment for your home. 

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