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What to Consider When Buying Curtains

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8th October 2018

What to Consider When Buying Curtains

Curtains can completely alter the atmosphere and feel of a room, but choosing the right ones for your home isn’t always easy. This is largely because, when examining the room in question without curtains, it’s difficult to see just how a set of curtains will fit in. There are many factors which will dictate the end result, including length, colour and fabric, all of which we will discuss in this article.


Given that curtains affect far more than just how much light enters a particular room, it’s important to consider things such as proportion. For example, size is a very important factor. If the room which you’re decorating has high ceilings and tall, slim windows, then matching this with floor-length curtains is a great idea as the long flowing lines will complement the room’s height. Conversely, small rooms with lower ceilings would be much better suited to shorter curtains.

You can also use curtains to create the illusion of size, too. That is, tying them back will help you allow as much light as possible to enter the room, making it feel bigger.


Arguably the most important consideration when buying new curtains is the fabric you choose. While heavy fabrics might be difficult to draw and perhaps more prone to picking up smells, you will find that they hang much better than lighter curtains. Further, if blocking light is your main concern, then the heavier the fabric the better. In fact, you could even opt for curtains with a blackout lining in bedrooms, for example.

However, if you want your room to have a lighter, fresher, more airy feel, lighter curtains are the way to go.


When deciding on the colour of your curtains, it might not be as simple as choosing a colour which fits with the decor of your room. For example, even if you think that a bright colour would be perfect, you need to keep in mind that, when in contact with direct sunlight, bright colours will fade over time. If you plan on continuously changing the curtains in a particular room, however, then this is less of a problem.

Along with things such as cushion coverings, carpets and other soft furnishings, your curtains help to establish the tone of the room. For a rich and formal tone, dark colours are solid choice; for a more carefree feel, lighter colours are the way to go. If you don’t feel like shifting the mood one way or the other, then grey, and neutral earthy tones would fit the bill.


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