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What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters

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10th September 2021

What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters

Are you looking to make your home greener? If so, you may be looking for window coverings that contribute to protecting the environment. Blinds and shutters are both good choices and are unarguably much better than alternatives like curtains in this regard. Read on to find out what are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters.

Blinds, shutters and the environment: What you need to know

What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters

When it comes to choosing window coverings for your home, you may not have thought about the environment. Many people are surprised to hear that their choice can impact the health of the world in which they live. Opting for eco-friendly blinds and shutters in Nottingham can allow you to play your part in protecting the planet. 

At Boyd’s Blinds, we stock blinds that have been designed and manufactured to be as environmentally-friendly as possible. As well as providing a high level of insulation and allowing excellent light control, they are increasingly being made from sustainable materials. We supply classic styles like vertical and Venetian blinds along with newer styles like Twist/Vision.

Why are blinds and shutters eco-friendly?

There are several factors that make blinds and shutters such eco-friendly options for window coverings. Not only do they have excellent insulative properties but they also allow you to control the amount of natural light that enters a space. This allows you to reduce your energy usage, helping to reduce the effects of climate change. Keep reading to learn what are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters.

Excellent insulation 

Blinds and shutters offer a high level of insulation. When installed by professional fitters, they can seal the opening of the window, preventing heat from escaping through any gaps. This helps a room to stay warmer, ensuring that you don’t need to crank up the thermostat as high to keep it cosy and snug. Less energy is necessary to keep a space warm, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming. Of course, using less energy to heat your home also means lower bills too, allowing you to save money. 

Many new styles of blinds have come on the market in recent years to provide better insulation. These include honeycomb blinds. With a unique cellular design that retains heat, they can keep homes at a comfortable temperature all year round.

Effective light control

Pleated Blinds in Nottingham

Since blinds and shutters can be easily adjusted, this allows you to control the amount of daylight entering a room. When you can illuminate your living space using natural light rather than artificial light, this can drastically reduce energy usage. Not only can this help to slash greenhouse gas emissions that can impact the environment, but it can also save you money on your bills. 

You simply need to adjust the louvres or slats to let in as much daylight as you want. Whether you want to flood a room with light or you want to create a softer, more ambient environment, this is possible with blinds and shutters. You’ll no longer need to flick the lights on to achieve the lighting level you desire. If you’re looking for blinds that offer the best light control, consider vertical or Venetian. Twist/Vision (also known as Day and Night) blinds also come highly recommended if you want to be able to balance your light and privacy needs brilliantly. 

Manufactured using sustainable materials

Increasingly, blinds and shutters are being constructed using sustainable materials. Manufacturers are recognising the high demand for eco-friendly products and are, as a result, becoming more visionary in their designs. Duette blinds are constructed from recycled fabrics, making them a particular option. Other materials commonly used include bamboo, reeds, and real wood. Sustainably harvested from natural elements, they can reduce harm to the environment. Greenscreen Sea-Tex™ eco-friendly blinds are manufactured from yarn made from plastic recovered from the coastlines and beaches around the world. 

Low maintenance 

Since blinds and shutters are so easy to care for, this reduces the number of resources required to keep them looking their best. Unlike curtains that become dirty quickly and need regular washing, blinds usually only need a quick wipe down to keep them clean. This is particularly the case for those constructed from wipeable fabrics such as PVC. When curtains go in the washing machine, significant amounts of water and electricity are wasted, impacting the environment over time. Water pollution is also an issue since every time you run this appliance, you are releasing thousands of microscopic plastic fibres into the environment.

Eco-friendly blinds and shutters in Nottingham and Newark

At Boyd’s Blinds, we’re always adding to our range of blinds and shutters in Nottingham, sourcing the newest, most eco-friendly styles for our customers. We cater to all needs and tastes, with our team on hand to help you find the perfect window coverings for your home. If you’re unsure which blinds or shutters to choose to create a greener home for your family, get in touch. We can offer you expert advice and answer all your questions and queries.

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“What are the eco-friendly benefits to using blinds and shutters?” has become such a common question in recent years, with more and more people keen to choosing window coverings that help to reduce their carbon footprint. To browse our range of eco-friendly blinds and shutters in Nottingham and Newark, don’t hesitate to get in touch. Call us on 01157 757 670 or 01636 378 072 to discuss your requirements with one of our team. We can arrange to come to your home to show you samples of our most popular blinds and shutters and carry out a free measuring service.