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The top 5 reasons to install blinds [Infographic]

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24th May 2022

The top 5 reasons to install blinds [Infographic]


Blinds have become incredibly popular over the years, with many people choosing them for their style, practicality, and affordability. At Boyds Blinds, we supply and fit a huge range of blinds in Nottingham and Newark, catering to all needs, tastes, and budgets. Read on for the top 5 reasons to install blinds in your home or office.The top 5 reasons to install blinds [Infographic]



Fantastic light control 

When it comes to light control, blinds win hands down. Many styles come with adjustable louvres to allow you to filter the light coming into a room. This lets you bring as much daylight inside as you like, ensuring that you can create the optimal environment in your home or office. Whether you want to bathe a room in natural light, achieve just the right amount of shade, or create total darkness, you can do this with blinds. 

Vertical and Venetian are two of the best styles for controlling light since their louvres can be easily adjusted. Twist Vision blinds are relatively new to the market and are also becoming well known for their light control abilities.

Insulative qualities

Conservatory Blinds in Nottingham

Many people assume curtains are the best choice for insulating their homes. However, blinds are actually incredibly effective at this task since they fit as close as possible to the window, eliminating any gaps that could allow draughts in and heat to escape. 

One of the best styles for keeping your home or office warm in the winter months is Duette. The honeycomb construction traps air in distinct pockets, keeping the warmth from escaping when it’s cold outside. Often dubbed “the next best thing to double glazing”, they are a great choice if you want to keep your property at a comfortable temperature all year round. 

Many styles, designs and colours are available

One of the top 5 reasons to install blinds is surely the huge choice of styles, designs, and colours available. You may have heard of the more traditional styles like roller, vertical, Roman, and Venetian, however, many new options have come onto the market in recent years which are well worth considering. Perfect Fit, Twist Vision, and Duette are just a few of the modern styles proving popular with property owners.

When it comes to designs and colours, your options are almost endless. We can supply blinds in almost any pattern and shade imaginable here at Boyds Blinds. This ensures that we can cater to both your tastes and existing décor. Whether you’re looking for subtle colours like cream or beige or vibrant colours to add some life and sparkle to a room, we can assist. 

Easy to clean

Wooden Blinds in NottinghamDon’t forget to consider ease of maintenance when choosing window coverings for your home. They can become very dirty over time, particularly those installed in rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and children’s bedrooms. Generally, blinds are easier to keep clean than curtains since many styles have a hard, wipeable surface. Giving them a wipe down with a damp cloth is often all that’s needed to keep them looking their best. 


PVC blinds are a particularly good choice if you’re looking for easy to maintain window coverings. Curtains are much more challenging to care for in most cases. They may need machine-washing on a regular basis or even dry cleaning if stubborn stains appear.


Simple to operate

If curtains have been your choice of window covering up until now, you may be concerned about how easy blinds are to operate. You may worry about long cords tangling or breaking. Fortunately, today’s blinds are usually cordless and are very easy to open and close. Cordless blinds are constructed with a tilt mechanism hidden inside, removing the need for a cord. You simply need to nudge the bottom rail up and it tilts the slats down, closing the view. If you tilt the bottom rail down, the slats tilt open. Some cordless blinds have wands to rotate the slats of the blinds open and closed.

If you’re looking for blinds that are even easier to operate, you may want to consider automated blinds. These blinds are operated by a motor located within the roller mechanism. These motors can be either wired, battery or even solar-powered, and the blinds can be easily operated using a switch, remote control, or smartphone app. 

Automated blinds are ideal if you have many windows in your home or office and want to be able to open and close them effortlessly from wherever you are. They are also well-suited to people with mobility issues who may find it difficult to reach the windows. 

Made to measure blinds in Nottingham and Newark

At Boyds Blinds, we supply and fit made to measure blinds in Nottingham and Newark. We can come out to your home or office to provide a free measuring service, making sure your new blinds fit your windows perfectly. All our blinds are manufactured to the highest possible standards from top quality materials to ensure excellent durability. You can expect your blinds to take pride of place in your home for many years to come. 

We’re renowned for our great prices here at Boyds Blinds. We have some of the most affordable prices in the Nottinghamshire region, with our products representing superb value for money. Whether you’re shopping on a budget or you have more to spend, we can assist. 

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