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Shutters vs Curtains

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31st October 2018

Shutters vs Curtains

When it comes to deciding which window dressing is the best fit for your home, it’s easy to find yourself spoilt for choice. If you have already decided that blinds aren’t the treatment for you, the chances are you are trying to decide between curtains and shutters.

To lend you a helping hand when attempting to make your decision, we’ve put together a guide, detailing the benefits of each so, by the end, you should have a better idea which one is a better fit for your home.


Variety – When it comes to curtains, one of the main reasons they are so popular is the sheer variety of fabrics and colours. From heavy to thin, smooth to rugged, different types of curtains will afford different benefits; some will offer better light control, while others will hang better. So, you can be secure in the knowledge there is something out there to suit your needs.

Insulation – Thanks to the dense fabric, curtains can help you improve a room’s thermal efficiency, cutting the cost of your heating bills in the process!

Atmosphere – Curtains are not only soft to touch; thanks to the nature of the fabric, they can also soften the atmosphere in a room too, making them the perfect companion for relaxing spaces like living rooms and bedrooms.



Light control – Thanks to their clever construction and fully adjustable slats, shutters off comprehensive control when it comes to filtering sunlight. This means that, as levels of light change outside, you can alter the positioning of the slats to compensate, letting in as much or as little light as you wish.

Durable – One of the unique benefits of shutters is how durable they are. Easy to clean, shutters will stand up to a great deal of punishment, more so than curtains, and will last a long time without the need for regular maintenance.

Aesthetic – While shutters come with a number of benefits, if you end up opting for a set, the chances are you fell in love with the look. They afford any room a natural, rustic edge, one that family and guests alike will adore.


Final thoughts

When it comes down to it, both curtains and shutters offer so excellent, unique benefits, but what else is there to consider? Well, you will find that shutters are more expensive than curtains and they will take up more room, too. However, keep in mind that shutters will not retain smells like curtains and will be much simpler to clean. Take all these things into consideration when making your decision, and you should find the perfect window treatment for you.


Boyd’s Blinds supply a fantastic array of curtains and shutters throughout Bulwell, Carlton, Southwell, Mansfield, Newark, Lincoln, Grantham and West Bridgford. We are a family-run business dedicated to taking the hassle out of purchasing window treatments, with our offers of free home visits and fittings guaranteed to make the whole process as stress-free as possible. So, for a premier service when it comes to purchasing new blinds for your home or business, contact our friendly team today!