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Should roman blinds be inside or outside the recess? [Infographic]

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13th January 2021

Should roman blinds be inside or outside the recess? [Infographic]

Are you asking the question should roman blinds be inside or outside the recess? If so, read on. Many people struggle to decide whether to fit blinds in or outside of their recess. The recess refers to the space between your inside wall and the glass your window is made from. Whilst it’s possible to hang blinds inside and outside of this space, there are pros and cons of each option. You can find out what they are in this article. Learn more about installing roman blinds in Nottingham and Newark here. Should roman blinds be inside or outside the recess [Infographic]

Roman blinds inside or outside the recess questions to ask.

Do I have a recess?

If your window doesn’t sit flush with your wall, you have a recess. Most windows have windowsills attached to them. However, most sills are too small to hold more than a few small items like ornaments. This means many people don’t mind lacking easy access to their windowsills or being unable to see them when their blinds are closed.

Fitting outside of the recess

Roman Blinds in NottinghamIf you do want to fit a blind outside of the recess, make sure the blind is wider than the window so you can block out unwanted light. However, there will be times when you want to let as much light as possible into your space. If you mount your blinds high above the recess, you can maximise the amount of light that enters your space when you open them.

Why fit outside of the recess?

The main advantages of hanging your blinds outside of the recess are that more light will enter the room when the blinds are open. You can block out more light when the blinds are closed. However, any items that you have placed on the windowsill won’t be visible when you close the blinds.

Fitting inside of the recess

There are several advantages to fitting blinds inside the recess too. Many people say fitting their blinds within the recess delivers a smarter, neater look. They can also fit their blinds to the window frame and can still see treasured items they have added to their windowsills.

Nonetheless, less light will get into your room when the blinds are open.

Which option is right for me?

If you are replacing curtains, you may not know what the right solution is until you have actually added blinds to your windows. If you are replacing existing blinds, you’ll already know whether hanging in or outside of the recess is right for you. Whether blinds should be placed in out outside of your recess may ultimately depend on your personal tastes, the orientation of your room and so on. One benefit of placing blinds outside of the recess is that you shouldn’t need to cut them down to make them fit your space. If you want to place them inside the recess, you’ll normally need to get the blinds professionally cut down.

The key benefits of roman blinds

Let’s look at a few of the best reasons for installing roman blinds in the first place. Many people choose roman blinds as they regard them as the most elegant option on the market. Roman blinds can be manufactured from a range of quality materials, including cotton, silk, and linen. They are very simple to operate too. Just fold them together when you want to let light into your space and pull them when shade is required. People commonly opt for blinds as they regard them as the cosiest and homeliest option after curtains. Another key benefit of roman blinds is that they are very versatile. They can work well with most types of windows.

More advantages of roman blinds

Roman Blind in NottinghamRoman blinds are also ideal for those who want to keep draughts to a minimum whilst allowing heat from radiators to circulate effectively. It’s common for people to replace curtains with roman blinds as the former trap heat between the fabric and the window. Roman blinds don’t have to be closed or opened completely, allowing you to decide exactly how much light gets into your space.

Why Boyd’s Blinds?

At Boyd’s Blinds, we’re eager to hear from you if you need access to high-quality roman blinds from top manufacturers. We’ve become renowned for our exceptional blinds, curtains, awnings, and shutters over the past 40 years. You can depend on us to deliver a personalised service that ensures your specific needs are met. What’s more is that there are many materials, colours, and styles to choose from. 

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Meeting your needs

As we supply such a wide range of roman blinds in Newark and Nottingham, we’re confident we can cater to your tastes and preferences. We specialise in providing our customers with truly luxurious blinds that serve them well for years. When we visit your home or business premises to discuss your requirements, we’ll carry out accurate measurements, ensuring the fit is perfect once the installation is carried out. Our friendly team know our catalogue inside out, which means they can easily suggest products that match your specific requirements.

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