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Maintaining Privacy With Blinds

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31st October 2017

Maintaining Privacy With Blinds

These days, there is a style of window blind to suit all tastes and functions. Where some people simply want to control the light that enters their home, others want their blinds to add to the overall aesthetic of the room in which they are fitted. One of the primary reasons why blinds have remained such a popular form of window dressing, though, is because of the privacy which they afford us. When you can switch between public and private with the simple twist of a rod, it’s easy to see why.

Acknowledging this, this article will cover the best styles of blinds for those who aren’t too concerned with keeping up with the Joneses.

Vision blinds

A modern twist on the roller blind, vision blinds are an excellent choice for privacy thanks to their versatility. Featuring two layers of sliding fabric with a two-tone colour scheme, vision blinds can flit between blackout and floods of light with ease. Opt for these if you’re looking for a more contemporary blind that still offers privacy.

Venetian blinds

A stylish, contemporary and very popular style of blind, venetian blinds are excellent for full light control and added privacy. Thanks to their swivelling horizontal slats, these blinds offer the privacy and rigidity of shutters, but without being fixed into place. Opt for these if you want a tried and tested set of blinds which offers a great deal of privacy.

Wooden blinds

Wooden blinds are another style which feature horizontal slats, but as you can imagine, these slats are made of wood. While offering the same privacy and light control benefits of Venetian blinds, wooden blinds have the added benefit of bringing the outdoors indoors. That is, the gorgeous grain can add a wonderfully natural touch to your home.What’s more, the natural look is bang on trend this season, so you can ward off the neighbours in style!

Roller blinds

Roller blinds are made of a single sheet of material which you simply pull down to the desired height. Although they lack the excellent light control of some of the slatted options, roller blinds offer excellent privacy when fully extended. Their simple aesthetic lends itself to plenty of different design options, making them easy to fit into whatever look you fancy.

Roman blinds

Like roller blinds, Roman blinds feature one sheet of material which extends over your window, however, Roman blinds fold up into pleats when drawn, a look which is distinctly traditional. Roman blinds tend to be made of a heavier, more durable material than roller blinds, too, making them even better at blocking light than their contemporary cousins.


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