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How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

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23rd June 2018

How to Keep Your House Cool This Summer

Summer has arrived and so has our first heatwave. The question on everyone’s lips: how on earth am I going to stay cool through this? While fans and lightweight clothes are useful, some greater changes might need to be made, starting with your window treatments.

When the sun’s rays hit your windows it generates a great deal of heat, making your living room a rather uncomfortable place to be. There are ways to prevent this though and, in this article, the team at Boyd’s Blinds will tell you how to do just that.

Invest in some blinds

On a hot day, it can be tempting to simply let the rays flood into your home, after all, we rarely get that opportunity in England, do we? However, if your main aim is to stay cool we wouldn’t recommend this – invest in some blinds instead. By shielding the room from the sun’s glare, blinds can keep your room cool by absorbing the heat, saving you any discomfort. What’s more, they look great too! Blinds are available in a selection of styles to suit a range of budgets, and are perhaps one of the simplest ways to keep your conservatory cool.

As a bonus, thanks to the insulative nature of blinds, they’ll keep heat in during the winter months too!

Open your windows

You might think that this is an obvious trick, but whether you should open your windows in the summer is actually up for debate. On a hot, still day, the air outside of your home is likely to be extremely warm, much warmer than inside your home. Opening the windows then, will only serve to make your home warmer. However, if you’ve invested in blinds, you will be able to open your windows while the blinds take the heat, leaving your home nicely cool and properly ventilated.

Cooling film

For an extra line of defense against the sun’s rays, consider cooling film. Cooling film is an adhesive layer which can be fixed to your window glass and is extremely effective cooling technique for your home, blocking around 80% of the heat generated by the rays. On top of this, cooling film also offers UV protection, ensuring that your soft furnishings are protected whilst they are on show, and even protects your skin too.

Cool in function and form

Once you’ve invested in the right features to keep your home cool, then you can focus on decoration. Painting with light, airy pastel colours will help create a cooling atmosphere in your home, while some greenery will bring the best of the outdoors into your home.


Do you need to keep cool at home this summer? Boyd’s Blinds can help. Offering free home visits for clients throughout Newark, Nottingham and the surrounding areas, we are a family run business dedicated to taking the hassle out of purchasing blinds. So, for a premier service when it comes to purchasing new blinds for your home, contact our friendly team today!