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How to keep your conservatory warm this winter

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18th February 2022

How to keep your conservatory warm this winter

Conservatories can be wonderfully versatile spaces, perfect for enjoying a whole range of activities. However, whilst they’re ideal for spending time in during the summer months, they’re not always so inviting when temperatures start to drop. This is because they’re not as well insulated as the rest of your house. Glass and polycarbonate are less effective at keeping in the heat than a tiled roof or a wall with a cavity. Read on to find out how to keep your conservatory warm this winter. 

5 tips to help keep your conservatory warm and cosy 

How to keep your conservatory warm this winter

Conservatories often become desolate spaces in winter, with most people fleeing to their living rooms in an attempt to keep warm. However, whilst it’s no secret that these rooms can become very cold at this time of year, there are several things you can do to keep them warm and cosy. Keep reading to learn how to make your conservatory a more pleasant space to spend time during the winter months. 

Install electric radiators

Whilst you may not be able to connect your conservatory to your home’s central heating system (something that’s likely to be time-consuming, expensive, and subject to building regulations), there’s nothing to stop you from installing electric radiators. Electric radiators convert every bit of energy they use into heat, making them very efficient indeed. They can help to maintain a comfortable temperature in your conservatory without costing much. An added benefit is that installation is easy, which means you can probably do it yourself.  

Invest in portable heaters

Portable heaters can be useful, particularly in small conservatories. They can be a convenient way to heat up the space, providing rapid warmth. Their main drawback is that they can potentially lead to high energy bills. To help keep costs down, opt for infrared heaters (also known as heat lamps). Since they heat up objects with lower temperatures rather than the air around them, they will quickly warm you up without using excessive amounts of electricity.

Consider underfloor heating 

Underfloor heating is a very popular way to heat a conservatory. If you don’t have space for radiators or portable heaters, it could be a good option. The system produces radiant heat that rises from the floor up, keeping the room warm and cosy all year round. Underfloor heating is ideal for almost any floor finish, however, practical and durable flooring is usually best for a conservatory. Good options for a conservatory include ceramic tile or natural stone. 

If you don’t want or can’t afford underfloor heating right now, opt for floor tiles that have a high PEI rating – this will offer a higher level of insulation. A carpet can make a difference too, particularly if it’s nice and thick and installed above good underlay. A nice deep carpet can keep your feet toasty when temperatures start to dip. 

Install conservatory blinds 

Conservatory Blinds in Nottingham

You should consider your window treatments carefully. Adding double-glazed windows is a good move, however, there’s still likely to be a chill in the air during the winter months. The right blinds can offer a high level of insulation, preventing heat from escaping from the room and keeping the space warmer for longer. When shopping for conservatory blinds in Nottingham or Newark, we recommend investing in cellular blinds. Their unique design features honeycomb-shaped pockets that trap air inside, limiting heat transfer from the windows. Incredibly eco-friendly, they can help you save significant amounts of energy on heating your conservatory. 

At Boyds Blinds, we stock various styles of conservatory blinds. All our blinds are made to measure, which means they will be expertly crafted to fit your windows perfectly. Made to measure blinds reduce the amount of heat that is allowed to escape through the windows, keeping rooms warmer. We can come out to your property to measure your windows free of charge. We’ll also use this opportunity to show you a variety of samples, helping you to select the perfect blinds for your conservatory. 

Check for draughts

When considering how to keep your conservatory warm this winter, ask yourself if there are any draughts present. Draughts aren’t just annoying – they can also impact the temperature within your conservatory. Fortunately, there are ways you can stop draughts from preventing you from enjoying your conservatory during the winter months. 

Draught proofing your windows and doors are essential. This involves blocking up any unwanted gaps that could let cold air in and warm air out. Slipped roof panels can also let cold air inside your conservatory, so it’s worth checking for these. Draught proofing not only keeps a space warmer but can also help you to cut your energy costs, saving you significant amounts of money over the year. 

The good news is that a conservatory that’s been built by a professional company is less likely to have bad joints and seals for heat to escape through. When choosing a firm to build your conservatory, make sure they have a proven track record and a good reputation for high-quality workmanship. Check reviews online to find out what past customers think about their services.  

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Now that you know how to keep your conservatory warm this winter, you may be ready to start shopping for insulative window treatments. To browse the biggest and best range of conservatory blinds in Nottingham and Newark, contact Boyds Blinds today. Call us on 01157 757 670 or 01636 378 072 to discuss your requirements with one of our team. You can also submit an enquiry via our website and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. We can come out to your home to measure your conservatory windows, providing you with a free quotation for blinds.