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How many businesses are there in Nottingham?

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12th October 2023

How many businesses are there in Nottingham?

The question “How many businesses are there in Nottingham?” isn’t easy to answer since the number of active organisations in a city can change very frequently due to various factors. According to Nottingham City Council, there are more than 9,600 business, including more than 9,500 SMEs, of which 8,300 are microbusinesses employing 10 or fewer employees. Read on to find out more about the business landscape in Nottingham.

What are the most common types of businesses in Nottingham?How many businesses are there in Nottingham

Nottingham is a diverse city with many different types of businesses in operation. Some of the most common can be found below.

  • Retail stores. Retail is thriving in Nottingham, with a variety of high-street and independent stores for customers to choose from. Retailers include clothing boutiques, electronic stores, supermarkets, and blinds retailers. Nottingham’s biggest and most renowned retailer is Boots, which was founded in the city back in 1849.
  • Restaurants and cafes. Nottingham boasts an impressive dining scene, with a wide range of restaurants, cafes, and eateries to choose from. Diners can enjoy a diverse selection of cuisines in the city.
  • Professional services. Nottingham has a flourishing professional services sector, with businesses including accounting firms, law firms, consulting companies, and IT services providers.
  • Creative and digital industries. From film and TV production to gaming, fashion and web design, Nottingham has creativity and innovation at its heart.
  • Technology. The technology sector in Nottingham is growing at a rapid pace. An influx of new businesses in the industry has fuelled innovation and contributed to the city’s reputation as a hub for technological excellence.

Other types of businesses

  • Manufacturing and engineering. Nottingham has always had a strong manufacturing and engineering presence, with many companies operating in sectors like automotive, textiles and aerospace.
  • Tourism and hospitality. Attractions like Nottingham Castle and Sherwood Forest ensure that the tourism and hospitality sectors in the city continue to thrive. This is great news for businesses like hotels, travel agencies, and tour operators.
  • Healthcare and Medical Services: Hospitals, clinics, dental practices, and pharmacies are common businesses in the healthcare sector.
  • Construction and property development. Construction is booming in Nottingham, particularly in the city centre due to significant development and investment in ‘urban living’. Building firms, estate agencies, and property development companies are very active in the city at present.
  • Education and training. Nottingham boasts several educational institutions, which means that businesses related to education, including schools, colleges, and private tutoring providers, are prevalent.

Start-ups in Nottingham hit record high

Figures show that more new businesses were formed in Nottinghamshire during 2022 than in any other year to date. A total of 9,235 new companies were registered, making it one of the UK’s most successful counties for start-ups. Nottingham formed the highest number of new businesses in the county (3,612), followed by Mansfield (1,060) and then Rushcliffe (828).

Where are most businesses located in Nottingham?commercial office blinds

Thriving businesses can be found throughout Nottingham. However, there are several main business areas and distract where many organisations tend to be concentrated. These include:

  • Nottingham City Centre. Naturally, the city centre is a hub of commercial activity, with countless offices, shops, restaurants, bars and pubs found here. Key locations within the city centre include Old Market Square, Lace Market, and Hockley.
  • Nottingham Science Park. Located close to the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus, Nottingham Science Park is dedicated to technology and innovation-focused businesses. These include research-based companies and startups.
  • Beeston Business Park. Located in the Beeston area, this well-known business park houses companies in sectors such as technology, healthcare and manufacturing.
  • Queens Medical Centre (QMC) Campus. The QMC Campus is affiliated with the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust and is a major centre for healthcare and medical research. The University of Nottingham’s medical school is situated here.
  • Wilford Industrial Estate. Located to the south of Nottingham, the Wilford Industrial Estate is home to several manufacturing and industrial businesses.
  • Nottingham Business Park. Situated to the north of the city centre, Nottingham Business Park is a well-established business district with office spaces for various companies, including those in technology, finance and professional services.

Furthermore, Nottingham’s diverse economy supports a wide range of businesses, making it an attractive location for both established companies and startups.

Commercial blinds in Nottingham

Now you know how many businesses are there in Nottingham, you’ll realise why our commercial blinds are in such high demand. At Boyd’s Blinds, we regularly supply and install blinds for businesses in various sectors throughout the city and beyond. Whether you need blinds for an office space, retail store, restaurant or café, hotel, educational establishment or healthcare facility, we can assist. As the leading supplier of commercial blinds in Nottingham, you can rest assured that we can meet your needs.

The importance of quality blinds for businesses can’t be understated. Furthermore, one of the biggest reasons for investing in blinds is that they offer fantastic light control. Blinds allow businesses to control the amount of natural light that enters their premises. This is particularly important for offices, as it can help to avoid excessive glare on computer screens, and for restaurants and cafes, since the right lighting can create a welcoming ambience. Also, other benefits include enhancing privacy, visual appeal, and energy efficiency.

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