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What are the Different Types of Awnings?

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31st August 2017

What are the Different Types of Awnings?

In the broadest sense, an awning is a sheet of canvas or similar material which extends over a particular area to shelter it from the elements. They can be attached to doors, windows, caravans or boats, and are a popular feature in summer to protect users from the sun’s rays. Awnings can be a great investment, too: you will spend less on air conditioning as your awning will take the brunt of the sun, it will protect your furniture from fading, and you will make much better use of your outdoor space – no matter what the weather is like.

It’s not quite as simple as that, though; there are many different types of awnings, each with their own unique style or function. To help you get to grips with the various different types of awnings, this month, Boyd’s Blinds is providing a breakdown of the four main types.

Retractable (manual) awnings

Probably the most popular type of awning, retractable awnings can be extended or rolled away at the user’s discretion, making them very flexible. On top of this, retractable awnings need much less cleaning and frame maintenance, thanks to their roll-away function which can be utilised in winter; it also makes them much more inconspicuous, too. However, there are some setbacks, namely: repairs will be costly as the mechanism is more complex than static awnings, they will be more expensive and they will struggle to withstand bad weather.

Retractable (motorised) awnings

The same as retractable awnings save for their motorised capability, making them much more convenient to use. They may be more expensive than their manual counterparts, but the extra ease and wow-factor that comes with the motor function makes them well worth it. They will also add more value to your home, and you will be much more likely to use it if the extension is effortless! That said, motorised awnings will cost more initially and in maintenance, and the motor could possibly be damaged by bad weather.


The most affordable variety of patio awning, static awnings are fixed to your door or window and extend onto your deck or patio. As they are a permanent fixture, they are generally very sturdy and built to withstand all manner of weather conditions. However, since they cannot be moved, they are better suited to smaller areas like doors, windows or shopfronts, rather than large patios. On top of this, they are likely to require more maintenance as their orientation can’t be changed.


Portable awnings are not the most popular variety of awnings, largely because the mere fact that they can be moved from place to place makes their frames rather fragile. However, despite their fragility, maintenance can be avoided since they can be stowed away in winter, allowing them to operate strictly in good weather.


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