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Curtain Colour Guide for Your Home

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23rd July 2019

Curtain Colour Guide for Your Home

This month Boyd’s Blinds have put together a guide on finding the perfect coloured curtains for your home, to ensure you achieve a flawless interior that suits the rest of your home. So with this in mind, we’re going to talk about your current colour palette, prints and curtain length because these all have an effect on the overall look of curtains, once they have been fitted. To help make your decision, we’re here to offer you some guidance. 

curtain fabric


Primary curtain colours
Arguably, primary colours are among the boldest and can be utilised to make stylish decorative statements. They’re perfect for framing feature windows because red, yellow and blue immediately draw the eye.

  • Red is known for adding warmth to a room, it stimulates our blood flow and raises our pulse – so arguably, red curtains might be better suited for living rooms. That said, red is a stunning accent colour that pairs nicely with grey, black, white and gold.
  • Yellow is an optimistic colour that has the tendency to lift our moods and is a welcoming. Yellow can be used in all rooms of the home and pairs well with blues and charcoal greys.
  • Blue is a soothing colour that aids relaxation but can often make a room feel cold. That’s why it’s good to pair blue with another complementary colour, such as green or yellow. 

Neutral curtain colours
With many homeowners creating this ‘organic’ and ‘meditative’ interior, natural colours such as browns, creams and beiges are incredibly popular. This is achieved by mixing warm textures from wooden furnishings and wicker baskets with a pop of colour from plentiful plants.

  • Brown is a soft, warm colour that brings about positive feelings that stem from mirroring earthiness and nature. Brown is nicely paired with whites, creams and other shades of brown.
  • Cream is a fresh colour that brightens a room, ideal if space is limited. Cream curtains will open up a window and make them look bigger than they really are. Variations of cream work well with green, brown and grey.


Patterned curtains

If plain curtains really aren’t your style, go for a pattern. You may wish to choose a floral print, a bold geometric design or a stripey classic. Select your pattern carefully and seamlessly match your interior. 

You could choose a bold, bright pattern with an accented colour would perfectly match your current cushions and throws. Alternatively, subtle patterns with softer colours would nicely complement your painted walls and furnishings. 


Should I install short or long curtains? 

  • Long curtains work well in both big and small rooms. Shocked by that? Well, long curtains can help make the ceilings look higher and create the illusion that the room is bigger than it really is. As for big rooms, long curtains make a statement and add a touch of elegance. 
  • Short curtains, although no longer a common choice among homeowners, often work well in children’s rooms, as they’re out of reach. Short curtains make less of a statement and are typically used in conjunction with blinds.



Types of curtain fixings and hanging systems to choose from: 

  • Curtain tracks
  • Curtain poles
  • Curtain rod pockets
  • Curtain rings
  • Curtain eyelets
  • Curtain tab tops
  • Curtain tie tops
  • Curtain pencil pleat
  • Curtain goblet pleat
  • Curtain pinch pleat
  • Curtain gathered pleat
  • Curtain french or tailored pleat
  • Curtain box pleat


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