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Cleaning Garden Awnings

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10th May 2023

Cleaning Garden Awnings

Cleaning garden awnings can be seen as an onerous task but when you’re in the know-how, you might just see it as simple as the washing up or a load of washing. This month, Boyd’s Blinds are here to offer a little insight that’ll keep your garden awnings looking fresh all year round. For the latest tips and tricks on how to clean your garden awnings, read on! 

Yellow-white stripped awning.

How to clean Garden Awnings

Firstly you will need the following:

  • broom/feather duster
  • soft bristle brush
  • a ladder (to reach the top)
  • waterproofing spray
  • water (cold or lukewarm)
  • soap (for delicates)

Typically, a brush, water, cleaning solution and a ladder will be all you need to complete this. But before you start, make sure you use a feather duster to clean underneath the awning as there may be cobwebs and a broom on top for any leaves.

For a deeper clean you should follow these steps:

  • Brush off any dust, dirt or leaves

It makes sense to get rid of the loose elements that are sitting on top of your awnings before getting the awning wet – this will make the cleaning process much easier. 

  • Hose down the awning

This will soften the material and make it easier to remove any stubborn marks. 

  • Prepare soapy water

Mix cold or lukewarm water with three ounces of soap (that’s made for baby clothes and delicates). Mix this solution until it begins to foam.

  • Gently wipe the fabric

Use a soft bristle brush with the soapy water and be gentle so as to not harm the fabric. Brush carefully in circular motions.

  • Dry naturally

Allow the awning to dry naturally in the fresh air. Do not be tempted to machine wash or dry.

  • Waterproofing spray

After washing the fabric, it’s worth treating your awning with an extra coat of waterproofing spray. Do this when it’s fully dry.


Cleaning Garden awnings

When should I clean garden awnings?

It is advised to clean your awning – whether it be aluminium, vinyl or canvas – at the start and end of summer, and after that, give them a quick rinse or brush once a month.


What shouldn’t I use to clean my awnings?

Do not use detergent or any harsh chemicals on an awning, as these can damage and discolour the material.



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