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How to Clean Wooden Blinds

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31st May 2017

How to Clean Wooden Blinds

Say bye bye to the dust, dirt and stains and bring back the polish and shine to your home by following our top tips for cleaning wooden blinds. If your home is spotless but your wooden blinds are looking worn and old, this is telling you that a little TLC is overdue. Our professionals have put together a guide on how to maintain and clean your blinds, so you can find out for yourself what the experts would recommend, in order to keep them looking as good as new and performing well.


To start, you will want to remove the layers of dust. Snap on the gloves and find the microfibre cloth because it’s time to lift off a year’s worth of coverage.

  • Close your blinds and wipe them downwards.
  • Open your blinds and close them the other way, and repeat the downwards stroke.
  • Open your blinds so each slat is horizontal with a gap between each. Start at the top, so if any dust falls onto a slat below you will be able to remove it when you work your way down. When you clean each slat, glide over them in one direction and be careful not to press down too hard.
  • Wipe the underside of each slat too.

Vacuum cleaner

If you would rather use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush attachment – make sure it’s on a low suction setting because anything too powerful can pull the slats downwards and damage the blind.

To clean with a vacuum, you will want to follow the same process we suggested with a duster. You may want to use a stool, so you can get to the top slats without missing any hard to reach places.

You may want to take your blind down from the windows to give it a good clean. This is possible as long as you’re careful when popping them out of their brackets. Put a dust sheet down and lie them on it to protect both your floor and blinds.

Dirt and stubborn stains

As we all know, dirt can be stubborn to remove, but all you need to clean your wooden blinds is just a simple damp cloth. You may feel like giving it a good scrub but you must wipe them gently and repeat to remove stains, as any heavy pressure might ruin the varnish or paint on the wooden slats. When you have managed to remove the dirt, use a dry cloth to extract any moisture left by the damp cloth.

Polish and shine

Rejuvenate your wooden blinds by using either wood preservative or oil soap – but sparingly – to enhance the shine. Do not douse them with a polish as excessive application can harm the wood.

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