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Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Office

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10th December 2021

Choosing the Right Blinds for Your Office

Choosing the right blinds for your office can sometimes be a struggle due to the different types available. Also, a  suitable window dressing solution for your office can be rather exciting, whether you’re kitting out a large, commercial office, or cosy office space at home. But don’t let the wide range of colours and styles distract you from picking a suitable set of blinds. It could make all the difference and we’ll be detailing the elements you should consider before making that all-important purchase.

Office Blinds

Consider functionality above all else

Functionality and practicality should come first next to aesthetics. In order to determine whether or not a certain style of blind is suitable, ask yourself these questions:

  • How easy are they to operate?
  • Do they have the correct safety features? (for example, blinds that are child-safe)
  • Will they be easy to clean and maintain?
  • How much control will you and your employees have over light and privacy levels?

Are they appropriate for the office?

After functionality, aesthetics should be considered. Offices should generally be smart and professional, whilst also creating a calming vibe. You also want to maintain a corporate look for any visitors to your office. Metal Venetian blinds for example are timeless, whilst also being easy to maintain and allowing full light and privacy control.

Think about the values your business holds, and choose a style that best represents your brand. Try and avoid bright, distracting colours and patterns, instead, opt for muted tones or for simplicity, go for a classic white or off-white colour.

Choose different blinds for different parts of the office

Although it’s nice for an office to be uniform, it can help to change things up slightly if different rooms or parts of the office have different blinds. Not only from an aesthetic perspective but a practical one as well. Perhaps consider vertical blinds for rooms with longer windows, metal Venetian blinds for the kitchen area and twist/vision blinds for computer rooms.


Which blinds are office-friendly?

The benefits of hospital blinds

Venetian blinds are perfect for the office. They offer full light and privacy control, as well as being incredibly easy to clean and maintain. Their smooth and simple operation makes them ideal for use by everyone in the office. Coming in a range of materials and colours, you’ll easily be able to find a set of Venetian blinds that are perfect for your office space.

Vertical blinds are functional, durable and low maintenance. Offering full light and privacy control, these stylish blinds come in a wide range of colours to choose from. They’re easy to operate and would be ideal for offices with floor to ceiling windows.

Blackout blinds are ideal for offices that have presentation or meeting rooms where blackout blinds would be highly convenient. Coming in a variety of colours, blackout blinds offer impressive light control and functionality. As well as being low maintenance, they’re incredibly stylish, durable and extremely easy to install.

Remote/automated blinds would be ideal for anywhere in the office. From meeting rooms to communal areas, they’re functional, practical and highly convenient for the user. Available in a range of colours, they’d add a contemporary, stylish edge to any office space. They’re also surprisingly durable and easy to install.

Twist/vision blinds are a modern take on our ever-popular Venetian and roller blinds. The use of overlapping fabric makes for unique light filtration control. Much like the other blinds we sell, they’re available in a variety of different colours and materials, making it even more likely that you’ll find a set of blinds that are right for your office.

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Hopefully, this has answered your questions on Choosing the right blinds for your office.  With 40 years of experience in the industry, Boyd’s Blinds are a local, family-run business that is dedicated to providing customers with high quality, child-safe blinds at reasonable prices. We offer free quotations, home visits and fittings, all carried out with the utmost professionalism. Whether you’re looking to purchase blinds for your home or office, we’ll always be able to help. To learn more about the products we sell or the services we offer, contact a member of our friendly, knowledgeable team here.