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Why are Child Safety Blinds Important?

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29th June 2017

Why are Child Safety Blinds Important?

As we all know, children are curious and they learn from interacting with objects and sometimes even biting them. However, just because you have children, this does not mean that you’re unable to spruce up your home by installing the perfect blinds; it simply means that you must childproof them. The team here at Boyds Blinds have put together a comprehensive how-to guide to help every household be aware of how to ‘childproof’ their existing or future blinds.

The risks

Blinds with cords are known to be a concern when they’re installed in a home or nursery with children around. This is because children are likely to get hold of these cords –  a major concern as there’s the potential for them to hurt themselves. Although these cords will generally break under the pressure of too much weight, it may not snap under the weight of a small child. The cord may also get wrapped around them and potentially cause injury.

It may also be the case that a child pulls down on the blind’s cord and sends the entire blind system crashing to the floor which may result in serious injury if it falls on your son or daughter. This is why it’s imperative to either conceal the cord or invest in motorised blinds.

Your options

There are a number of options to consider when making your blinds child safe and with brands such as Velux, Eclipse, Arena, Louvolite, Railux and Decora, you can ensure that you’re investing in high quality products.

Clips – if your existing blinds have cords then a good way to keep these neat and out of sight is with simple clips that can be attached to your wall. The blinds’ chain can then be threaded through to restrict movement.

Wands – instead of using cords and chains on your vertical blinds, you may wish to use a wand system. This long plastic wand allows you to draw the blinds and tilt them manually, with child safety in mind.

Motorisation – with alternatives such as simple remotes that can be mounted to the wall to keep out of reach of children, you can eliminate the use of a cord altogether. Whether you like roller, Roman, Venetian, twist, vertical, pleated or wooden blinds, they can all be motorised to provide you with the utmost convenience. The great thing is you won’t be making a compromise because the remotes offer more than just up and down movements. They can also tilt slats like you would manually and can even be scheduled, should you wish to give yourself one less job around the house.

Perfect Fit – you can guarantee these blinds will fit any shaped window. They come in a wide selection of materials, colours and patterns to ensure that you find something to suit your home. These blinds are child safe thanks to their impeccable fit that enables them to attach closely to the window. They also free up your window ledge and because there’s no cord, you can alter them using a wand or a tab. This guarantees that your little one will be safe and sound around your home.

Boyds Blinds want you to make your blinds safe

The British Blinds and Shutter Association’s ‘Make it Safe’ campaign is something our team here at Boyds Blinds feel extremely passionate about. This is why we supply and install child-safe blinds to families throughout Nottingham and Newark to prevent avoidable blind-related accidents. Our expertise, craftsmanship and free measuring services are all put in place to ensure safety, style and a flawless fit each and every time.

Make your home safe today with child-safe blinds that’ll ensure the whole family benefit. By investing in safety features you can ensure a peace of mind, and where better to find blinds with easy functionality, safety features, great designs at affordable prices than Boyds Blinds. We’re a local family run business that understands what a family home needs and with over 40 years of experience in the industry supplying and installing first-rate products, you can count on us to get the job right first time. If you would like to get in touch to find out more or to book and installation, please give us a call today; we’d love to hear from you.