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Can blackout blinds keep your home cool?

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12th July 2022

Can blackout blinds keep your home cool?

With summer right around the corner and temperatures starting to creep up across the Midlands, you may be looking for ways to keep your home cool and comfortable. One way to do this is to choose blackout blinds for your windows. You might be wondering “How can blackout blinds keep your home cool?” Read on to find out.

What are blackout blinds? 

Blackout Blinds in Nottingham

Blackout blinds have become very common in UK homes in recent years. They are essentially roller blinds with opaque fabric contained inside a cassette. This fabric runs within side channels, blocking out all the light around the edges. The thickness and the weave of the blackout materials keep the light rays from penetrating the blinds. This provides a very dark environment inside your home. Whilst they rarely guarantee 100% darkness, made-to-measure blinds that are installed by experienced fitters can be extremely effective.

At Boyds Blinds, we supply and install blackout blinds that are ideal for bedrooms, nurseries and other areas of the home that need effective light blocking. Our blackout blinds allow you to sleep more soundly, enhance your privacy and can even cool your home down during the summer months. With so many advantages, it’s no surprise that blackout blinds have become incredibly so popular in the last few years.

Keep your home cool in summer 

Many people don’t realise that as well as blocking out light in a room, blackout blinds can also help to keep a space cool when the summer heat gets too much. In fact, blackout fabrics can restrict the heat transferred from your windows by up to 24%, which is a significant amount. The heat can become stifling from June to August, with temperatures sometimes reaching 25 degrees. 

As well as helping to keep your family comfortable and sleep more soundly when temperatures rocket in high summer, blackout blinds can also help to reduce your energy bills. This is because they can stop you from cranking up your air conditioning when the heat gets too much. 

Protect your furniture from UV rays

Blackout Blind in Newark

Another added benefit of installing blackout blinds in Nottingham or Newark is that they can protect your furniture from very damaging UV rays. Sustained exposure to ultraviolet rays can seriously impact the furnishings in your home. As well as damaging furniture, UV light can also cause paint to fade, leaving it looking washed out and unattractive. Don’t underestimate the effect that sunlight can have on your possessions. Invest in our blackout curtains to give them better protection during the summer months.

Keep your home warm in winter

Blackout blinds don’t just keep your home cool in summer; they can also keep it warm in winter. Just as warm air comes through your windows during the summer months, it escapes during the colder months. This happens even if you have double glazing installed. Blackout blinds can cut heat loss by as much as 25%, making your home much more emergency efficient and slashing your energy bills. With blackout blinds installed, you won’t need to turn up your thermostat quite as much when temperatures fall in winter. 

Buy blackout blinds in Nottingham or Newark

If you’re looking to buy blackout blinds in Nottingham or Newark, it makes sense to shop with the leading blinds supplier in the East Midlands. We’ve been supplying and installing high-quality blinds in homes and offices across the region for several years. We have built an excellent reputation for our premium products and exceptional service. 

Made to measure blackout blinds

At Boyds Blinds, our blackout blinds are made to measure, ensuring a perfect fit. One of our experienced blinds fitters will come out to your home to carry out accurate measurements of your windows. They will then return to install them to the highest standards once they’ve been made. We’ll also use this opportunity to show you samples of our blinds and provide expert advice on choosing the right blinds for your needs. 

Don’t make the mistake of opting for off-the-shelf blackout blinds in Nottingham or Newark. Your blackout blinds need to fit your windows as closely as possible in order to reduce the amount of light and heat coming through. Although it’s possible to measure your windows and install your blinds yourself, it’s usually better to let an experienced fitter do this for you. This can ensure that there are no gaps for warm air to escape through.

Blackout blinds in various styles and colours

Boyds Blinds sell blackout blinds in a huge range of styles and colours, making sure we can cater to many different needs and tastes. Popular styles include roller, Roman, vertical and Perfect Fit, making them the ideal choice whether you’re seeking a modern, classic, sophisticated or informal look. The choice of colours and patterns for blackout blinds is almost unlimited, with both bold and vibrant and neutral and understated shades available. Whatever your preference, there’s something to suit everyone in our range of blackout blinds. 

At Boyds Blinds, we’re renowned for our affordable prices. We aim to keep our blinds as competitively priced as possible to ensure they’re accessible to people with various budgets. For a free quotation, talk to our team today.

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