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What Blinds Can Help with Your Allergies?

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31st July 2017

What Blinds Can Help with Your Allergies?

While some Brits adore summer and the longer, warmer days that come with it, others can’t stand it. Thanks to the high pollen count, many of us are left with puffy eyes and a runny nose. What’s more, when we leave the windows open, some of us can’t even escape this problem when we’re indoors! However, pollen isn’t the only problem that lurks near our windows – dust and other allergens can build up and wreak havoc with our eyes, ears and nose. In light of all this, it’s certainly worth taking your choice of blinds very seriously.

Blinds can help reduce some of the effects of your allergies, but it’s important that you get the right style. So, in this article, we will discuss the particular characteristics of blinds which can help with your allergies and those which are best avoided.

Less Material

When it comes to trying to guard against allergens, opting for blinds with less material is a good bet. Blinds with more material, such as roman or pleated blinds, can be problematic for two reasons: 1) heavier, tougher blinds can be difficult to clean properly, and 2) they are also, on the whole, much more likely to accumulate dust and pollen.

No Slats

Slatted blinds, too, can cause problems for those with a susceptibility for allergic reactions. This is because slatted blinds are dust traps, making them far more likely to lock in pollen and other allergens and bring on an unpleasant reaction. To sidestep this problem, vertical blinds, venetian blinds and vision twist blinds should be avoided.

Roller Blinds

So, at this stage, we’ve only covered those characteristics of blinds which should be avoided. The blinds that you need, however, are roller blinds. Roller blinds do away with with folds and excess material, using a thin sheet which extends over your window. This makes it much harder for dust and pollen to get trapped in the blind. On top of this, roller blinds are extremely easy to clean! Instead of using a duster, a damp cloth can be applied to the blind, clearing any stubborn allergens away in seconds.


When you’re feeling run down, it might be tempting to close your windows, however, stuffiness is not the answer. In order to fight allergens in the right manner, ventilating your room is key. Keep your blinds extended and windows open – the blinds will act as an insulator whilst blocking any dust and debris from entering your vicinity, and the open windows will make sure the air in the room is being circulated properly.


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