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Blind styles to modernise your home [Infographic]

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13th August 2021

Blind styles to modernise your home [Infographic]

Do you want to bring your property into the present day with stylish window coverings? If so, look no further than blinds. Blinds come in a range of fantastic styles that add contemporary flair and elegance to your property. At Boyd’s Blinds, we offer many different blind styles to modernise your home, with our team continually sourcing the most exciting solutions on the market. Read on to find out more.  

Blind styles to modernise your home [Infographic]

Choosing modern blinds for your property

Conservatory Blinds in Nottingham

Blinds have gradually evolved throughout the years, with more and more innovative styles being created to meet people’s needs as well as the changing interior design trends. Whilst classic styles like vertical, pleated, roller, and Roman blinds remain as popular as ever, newer styles such as Perfect Fit, Twist Vision, and Senses Mirage blinds are becoming increasingly sought after. These are the best blind styles to modernise your home in 2021. At Boyd’s Blinds, we keep up to date with the latest developments in the industry, ensuring we can continue providing our customers with the most contemporary blind styles available.

Perfect Fit blinds 

Perfect Fit blinds may have been created back in 2005 but they’re still completely on-trend. Modern and revolutionary, they’re suitable for most windows within the home; even those that are awkwardly shaped. Perfect Fit blinds are particularly well-suited to modern window designs such as tilt and turn windows and bifold doors. Since they clip directly into the window, they allow for full range of motion of the windows without causing an obstruction. One of the biggest benefits of these blinds is that they don’t require drilling during installation. You can clip and unclip them as required. This makes them perfect for rental properties in which drilling into the walls isn’t allowed. 

Twist Vision blinds

Twist Vision blinds, which are also commonly known as Day and Night blinds in Nottingham and Newark, are one of the newest styles to come on to the market. Unique in their design, they consist of two separate layers of fabric. The top layer has a block colour whilst the other is transparent. With the pull of a cord, the layers of fabric slide past each other, allowing you to manage the amount of natural light that enters a room. You can gain greater control of light and privacy with Twist Vision blinds. 

Motorised blinds

Venetian Blinds in Nottingham

Modernising your home is easier than ever when you install motorised blinds. Electric blinds are not only stylish enough to enhance any room but they are also incredibly convenient. They allow you to operate your blinds from the comfort of your couch using a remote or even via an app installed on your phone. This is ideal for elderly people, those with mobility issues, or for properties with lots of windows. 

Smart blinds are becoming very popular in 2021. As well as letting you raise and lower them remotely wherever you are and whenever you choose, they can also be integrated with smart home systems such as Nest or Apple HomeKit. Some assimilate with virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa, allowing you to control them with just your voice. Motorised blinds have become increasingly sophisticated over the years, using the latest technology to offer maximum convenience for homeowners. 

Senses Mirage blinds

Senses Mirage blinds have got everyone talking since they hit the market. One of the most modern blinds styles on offer, they won’t fail to bring contemporary flair to your home. Senses Mirage blinds work in a similar way to roller blinds. However, what makes them unique is the front layer of material that moves separately from the back layer. This gives the appearance of slats. When closing these blinds, you can opt to block out the light or create a striped slatted effect. This stunning look is almost impossible to accomplish without Senses Mirage blinds. 

Wooden blinds

wooden blinds in Nottingham

Wooden blinds may not be new to the market but they’re certainly on-trend in 2021. Sleek, sturdy, and ever-stylish, they continue to be a popular option for homeowners in the UK. Wooden blinds are not just effortlessly chic; they also provide superb light and privacy control since you can easily adapt the louvres to suit your needs. Wooden blinds can be purchased in a range of finishes, including various shades of stains and varnish, gloss and matte paint, or simple wax. The design and colour options available with wooden blinds are almost endless. Wooden blinds are also a good choice if you’re seeking eco-friendly window coverings since wood is one of the most sustainable materials you can find.  

Get expert advice at Boyd’s Blinds 

Selecting the right blinds for your home isn’t always easy, particularly with so many different styles to choose from. Fortunately, help is at hand when you contact Boyd’s Blinds – one of the leading blinds suppliers and installers in Nottinghamshire. We’ve helped thousands of people to choose blinds over the past 40 years, with our team possessing a huge amount of knowledge and expertise. We can help you to select blinds that don’t just modernise your living space but provide you with practical benefits too. Our blinds are amongst the most competitively priced in the region, with options to suit all budgets. We can come out to your property at any time to provide a free measuring service for your new blinds. 

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You’ll find many blind styles to modernise your home at Boyd’s Blinds. We offer a fantastic range of Perfect Fit, Senses Mirage, and Twist Vision blinds in Nottingham and Newark. So, why not get in touch with our team to discuss your options? Call us on 01157 757 670 (Nottingham) or 01636 378 072 (Newark) to talk to us about your requirements. You can also send us a message via the website if you prefer.