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What Are the Best Blinds for Skylights?

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31st January 2018

What Are the Best Blinds for Skylights?

Skylights are a beautiful addition to any home, primarily because they allow you to do a bit of stargazing as the day winds down (weather permitting). There is one problem, however: due to their unusual positioning, skylights can let a great deal of sunlight in during the summer months, and with it some excess heat too.

Further, during the colder months, the number of cold drafts may increase. This isn’t necessarily a huge problem, it simply means that you need to select the right blind to dress your skylight, ensuring you can stay at a comfortable temperature year-round.

In light of this, in this article the team at Boyd’s Blinds will be offering our opinion on the best style of blind to choose to dress your skylights.

What is a skylight?

There is a fair amount of confusion regarding just what a skylight is, so we thought we’d iron this out first. The term ‘skylight’ is used by various manufacturers to denote a number of different products but, ultimately, it refers to a window unit installed on the roof of a home, as opposed to a wall. Skylights can be installed on traditional pitched roofs or flat roofs, depending on the size and nature of the unit.

What’s the best blind to choose?

Vision blinds could well be the perfect answer to the problem of dressing your skylight. Thanks to the technology, the space between the slats looks almost seamless, offering excellent light control. Vision blinds also come with a motorised function – an absolute essential for your skylight.

For smaller skylights, Perfect Fit blinds will do the job nicely. As you can imagine, Perfect Fit blinds can be scaled up or down to fit a variety of different window specifications, something which is particularly useful given the often bespoke nature of skylights. Perfect Fit blinds have excellent insulative properties too – the perfect antidote to those cold winter nights.

If your skylight is in your bedroom, you might want to consider blackout blinds. When extended, blackout blinds completely eradicate any glare, making it that little bit easier to get an early night in summer. What’s more, blackout blinds come with child safety cords, which are essential if you are installing the blinds in an infant’s room, or any other room accessible to them, for that matter.


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