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Best Blinds to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

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26th October 2016

Best Blinds to Keep Your Home Warm this Winter

The winter months always hit energy bills hard. Switching your heating off may be one way to keep costs to a minimum, but once the chill sets in that just isn’t feasible. Instead, you should try keeping the warmth you do spend money on contained within the home. Insulation is the best defence against a cold home. Adequate loft insulation, double glazing and more can be used to insulate your home, but you may not have considered blinds as insulating too.

10% of heat in your home is lost through your windows. As such, keeping them protected against the cold is of the utmost importance in the fight to cut your energy bills. Blinds are the perfect tool in these efforts, but which ones are right for your requirements? Here, we’ll be detailing the best blinds for insulating your home.

Which Blinds Are Best?

While all blinds have a degree of insulating qualities, not all blinds have the same capacity for insulation. Some blinds are better at containing heat than others, so you will have to balance your blinds’ aesthetics and functionality against how well it insulates. This means balancing the style of blind against the material it is made of. Wood is particularly good at containing warmth, as are thick fabrics.

Roman Blinds

It is not without reason that Roman blinds have stood the test of time. These blinds are decorative and work exceptionally well in the summer months. However, if thicker materials are used, they are great insulators too. Combined with complementary curtains, your home will lose little heat through your windows.

Wooden Shutters

Wood is a highly functional insulator. In particular, wooden shutters are one of the best insulators you could install on your window. Covering the entire window, these shutters can protect your home from the chills of the winter months. Wooden slatted blinds are also an apt choice, but be sure to keep the slats closed to keep the heat in.

Remember Your Conservatory and Doors

Unlike the rest of your home, your conservatory is pretty much entirely made of windows. The heat lost through your conservatory, therefore, is staggering. Utilise efficient blinds to combat the heat loss your conservatory is sure to facilitate.

Likewise, don’t forget to use some sort of insulative measure on your doors, too. You may not think twice about installing blinds on your doors, but just because their windows may be smaller doesn’t mean they aren’t losing heat. Made to measure blinds can remedy this problem.

Avoid Metal and Vinyl Blinds

Some materials simply aren’t suited to insulating your home, and metal and vinyl are two of these. These materials conduct warmth instead of merely keeping it contained. Conduction, however, is a two way street – they can also conduct the cold as well. Although you may like their look, if you’re prioritising insulation over style, stay away from these materials.

To find out more about how to insulate your home by using blinds, you’ll need to contact an expert – you’ll need to get in touch with Boyd’s Blinds.

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