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The Benefits of Blackout Blinds for Your Bedroom

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21st March 2017

The Benefits of Blackout Blinds for Your Bedroom

Thank goodness spring is just around the corner, as we’re excited for the lighter evenings, extended days and the summer sun ahead. This being said, Boyds Blinds understand that some of you may not be jumping with joy, due to the early wake up calls of the sun rolling in. Don’t dread these glorious months – get yourself stylish blackout blinds! Ensure you carry on getting the hours of sleep you need, and you decide exactly when you want exposure to the sun. In this article we take a look just how blackout blinds can impress you.


The thick material used to make blackout blinds not only blocks out the light from the room, but also blocks the view of anyone passing outside. These blinds are ideal for rooms, such as bathrooms and bedrooms; areas where you want privacy the most. With blackout blinds you wouldn’t even see a shadow, so if you’re having a day to yourself – sit back and relax.

Sun damage protection

Unfortunately the sun can bleach your vibrant fabrics and they can be reduced to a dull, irreparable colour. This is called photodegradation, this chemical reaction occurs between the sun’s rays and the fabric dye. If the sun can give you a tan or burn you, then it’s no doubt that sun damage can happen to your fabrics that sit in the same place day in, day out. However, great news – blackout blinds block out the sun and will protect textiles from fading and looking worn.


If you live beside a busy road, you might understand why blackout blinds’ soundproofing qualities are an attractive function. Perhaps your neighbour is an early bird who loves to mow the lawn, or you’re faced with loud passers by, or maybe you’re constantly being woken up by roadworks – blackout blinds are an easy solution to help reduce the noise. Thanks to the coating on the back and the thick material, the noise will be dampened and your sleep will be undisturbed.

Energy bills

The thick material insulates and retains the heat in your home. This superior fabric also has the potential to lower your energy bills, and even reflect the heat outside during a burning hot summer – so no need for constant air conditioning!

Styles and colours

With a vast variety of colours to choose from, you won’t have to worry about designing your room around your blinds; find the colours that are right for you. Just because they block out the sun, doesn’t mean they have to be black; choose dynamic colours or subtle whites and creams.


Set yourself up with these wonderful blinds that’ll get rid of the glaring sun when you require the dark. Ideal for a cinematic experience when you’re getting ready for game/film night, and more importantly a decent night’s sleep.

Feel refreshed and always at your best, with Boyds Blackout Blinds. Enhance your home with smart finish, soundproof, cost effective, private blackout blinds that’ll guarantee a good night’s sleep. Go on, treat yourself today and have everything just so. Simply, get in touch with Boyds Blinds today and start thinking about your new, improved home.