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How an Awning can be Beneficial for Your Business

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21st December 2017

How an Awning can be Beneficial for Your Business

Awnings, unlike canopies, are a permanent fixture once installed, and are great for offering areas of shade and protection outside a building. As awning are fixed to the building, they lack any vertical supports which can limit their size. However, this lack of supports also means that this space is left unobstructed and ready to be utilised. Large flowing panels mean that there are endless opportunities to personalise your awning, making any building to which it is attached that bit more special.

If you’re looking to fit out your business premises, interior and exterior, then you might be considering an awning. However, if you’re still on the fence, in this article Boyd’s Blinds will be focusing on the ways in which awnings can benefit your business premises, from aesthetics to energy savings.

Protection from the elements

One of the key functional benefits of an awning is its ability to shield a particular area, and the front of the building to which it’s attached, from the elements. If your business premises happens to be a shop or a cafe, installing an awning could provide customers with dry outdoor seating, or some respite from the weather before entering your shop.

On top of this, your awning will also protect the front of the building itself from adverse conditions, increasing the longevity of things such as windows, doors and the walls of the building itself. If you have outdoor displays at the front of your shop, these too will be protected with an awning.


As well as offering functional benefits, awnings can also make the front of your shop look extremely attractive. Today, designers and architects can create awnings that are particularly striking, using different fabrics, designs and colours in order to create a style that’s unique to your business.

Energy savings

One of the ways in which an awning can benefit your business isn’t immediately apparent, that is, it will actually save you money on your energy bills.

In the summer, the sun can wear away at furniture, floors and carpets with ease. What’s more, on a hot day, more energy is transferred through glass doors and windows than any other architectural element. Consequently, solar radiation through glass ends up accounting for over 20% of the load on your air conditioner, a load which can be easily cut via the installation of an awning.

With the addition of an awning, your windows and doors will be shielded from the brunt of the sun, allowing the the air conditioning to be used much more sparsely.


If you’re looking for the perfect awning for your business, Boyd’s Blinds can offer their wonderful, bespoke blind and awning fittings to customers in Bulwell, Carlton, Grantham West Bridgford, Mansfield, Newark and Lincoln. We have a variety of top brands on offer, from Louvolite to Velux, and a friendly, experienced team ready to fit them. If you would like to know more or simply want some professional advice, call our helpful team today.